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#1 - 2018/03/07 12:15:00 AM
Any update? Does Blizzard even remotely care? CMs why no update?

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#20 - 2018/03/07 12:50:00 AM
Its still something we're checking into daily but as Ornyx previously said its unfortunately something that's low priority at the moment. Trust me I really want it back too and I've never realized how much I actually used it.

Just so you're all aware we will provide an update when we know it will be fixed. New weekly threads won't get it any faster.

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#33 - 2018/03/07 01:01:00 AM
03/06/2018 04:57 PMPosted by Exo
I like you. I bet you have great hair too. Like Lore, but better.

I also have long hair so yes, however a drunken man in a bar once came up to us and felt our hair then said Lore's hair is softer and I still haven't emotionally recovered.

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#37 - 2018/03/07 01:10:00 AM
Prioprity list:
Live game issues
Bug fixes
Customer support
Weekly meetings
Keeping head quarters clean
Wake up Joe from accounting
Feed the blues
Forum moderation
Keep beer fridge full
Knock out Joe from accounting if said fridge is empty
Update hardware
Monthly vacations
Feed Joe from accounting
Mop the floors
Delete high elf spamm threads
Ponder life mysteries
Notice Joe from accounting could be laid off with no real consequences
Fix post history
Send Joe from accounting to say high elves will never happen
Bury Joe from accounting

Who's your person on the inside leaking our top secret priority lists?

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#212 - 2018/03/12 09:12:00 PM
Locking this thread because of the last three pages of negativity. We will post in this thread to provide updates, but the rude commentary is out of hand here.

The team that works on our site and forums has been pinged again today to see if we can move this fix up in their timeline. It's worth noting that they work on tons of stuff on the daily, across our entire web space for all of our games, each with unique requests that are based on priority.

We appreciate the temporary fix that was provided in another thread by that OP, but we'd like to get a first-party solution in place.

Once we have more information to provide, we will do so in this thread - but we will be keeping this locked and closing any new threads that spawn.