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#1 - 2018/03/04 09:26:00 AM
Having a discussion on loot locks when doing raids, and it needs to be settled once and for all. Been searching, but no clear answer.

Scenario is as follows, can you be traded loot TO if you already have done the boss for that week and are loot locked, and doing that boss again on that particular difficulty? Does not matter if it is personal, group, master, etc.

i believe you CAN NOT since that would just encourage loot hoarding runs.
Please, if either a blue/MVP can confirm or anyone can provide a link to a blue post regarding this, it would be appreciated.

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#5 - 2018/03/06 04:33:00 PM
There are several things to bear in mind regarding trading loot.
The prime factor being: you must have been eligible for that item.

If you have already defeated a boss and are loot locked for it on that difficulty, you will not be able to receive an item from another player who did get something from the boss.
(Bonus roll items can't be traded at all as they are not strictly from the boss)

Other factors come into play then if you were eligible for loot on that kill, what loot method was used for example Personal Loot and loot trading.
On other loot methods, the trade timer (shown on the items tooltip in blue text and counting down only when online on that character) would be available as long as the item is not modified or equipped.

Hope this info helps :D