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#1 - 2018/03/01 10:53:00 AM
More of a suggestion as I'm aware of the dethrone feature but in this case there is no-one eligible to use it.

All of the rank 3 and higher players have been absent for 7 months or more and I'm the only active player in the guild. I've tried adding BattleTag friends to the rank 3 and higher members but am getting no response so believe they are no longer playing at all.

As this guild has been around since almost the start of vanilla and has a lot of history I'd like to keep it going but as I'm unable to use the dethrone option I'd like to suggest there is some other mechanism, probably not automated, to pass across the reins of a guild with no active leaders.

I know it's simple to change guilds or start a new one but this I'm proud of what we achieved and get the occasional whisper from old players that recognise the guild name.


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#5 - 2018/03/02 12:29:00 PM
Hey guys,

While we do have a system in place to replace an inactive guild leader, please note that ultimately a guild belongs to its leader.

In this case it is the guild leader's choice to promote (or not) other members to ranks 1-3. Guild members occupying those ranks are essentially those the guild leader trusted to lead the guild in his stead, and as such are the only ones who can claim leadership.

Unfortunately the replacement of a guild leader is not something our Game Masters are normally able to help with.