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#1 - 2018/02/11 07:28:00 PM
At the start of Legion I took a massive break from WoW and I've just been reeled back in with the allied races specifically, the Nightborne. From my understanding, it's required to have completed 'The Good Suramaritan' achievement to complete 'Insurrection'. I've managed to do both within a few days but I've now hit a roadblock. My rep is sitting at around 9000 left for exalted and I can't find any other ways of raising it.

Basically, I do the world quests and emissary - if I'm lucky - and that's all there is to it. It's incredibly slow and tedious. I don't mind a rep grind, in fact I think it makes a lot of sense as long as there is content available for me to do without having to log on once every day, do 3 or 4 world quests and log off again.

Am I missing something here because I can't find anything else online. Not to mention I've just unlocked the Arcanist Manasaber mount which is also locked behind exalted status. Thanks in advance.

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#3 - 2018/02/11 07:49:00 PM
Hello Akaeta,

You approach is not bad yet you do have a few more options.
Most of them are listed in the guide on wowhead.

Yet there are a few more possibilities listed by one of our players in the comment below, like for example feeding all 3 NPCs in Shal'aran on daily basis or using Kirin Tor emissary quest reward for this particular faction.

You may also want to check the missions in your class hall to not miss the one for the Nightfallen reputation tokens.