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#1 - 2018/02/07 12:19:00 PM
So i saw a guy in trade chat. selling fishing boost 1-800 in 15min for 50k gold. he said he have sold it several times. but when i asked him. HOW do you sell a *fishing* boost to someone. he came back to ask me who i was. and i was like.... wait what, is he talking about? after some talking i asumed he was just a filthy scammer. and i started to google it. but found nothing. so now my question is. is it a real thing to sell a fishing boost in wow now days? (the scammers name is. <snip>)

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#7 - 2018/02/07 12:36:00 PM
Hey there Bargonos,

I have removed the name of the player you ran into. Naming and Shaming would indeed be something that goes against our Forum Conduct.

As for how one could level fishing quickly, I think Eggs could be onto something. There are items you can fish up on the Broken Isles (Rusty Queenfish Brooch for example) which make special fishing pools spawn. Each catch from such a pool grants a special fish (Ghostly Queenfish in this case) which grants 5 skill points when thrown back into the water.

Good luck with the fishing though if you plan on making a trip out to an ocean or lake. :)