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#1 - 2018/02/04 06:47:00 PM
So i got to 110 yesterday (on this character), got to argus, access to world quests
Today i got all 3 emissary things (containers), and the first one i opened was a LEGENDARY.
Proof: Check my profile.
This is also my first legendary, and im pleased :)

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#6 - 2018/02/04 07:53:00 PM
Hi Thovihunter,

Congratulations on your 1st legendary indeed!
Took me about 2 months to see my 1st ;)
Glad to see that it works way faster now.
You may expect one more quite soon as well.

From the 3rd one it may take a bit longer. It is to guarantee players to have max number of legendary items as soon as possible (you can equip max 2).
Yet with the current system even collecting the all available legendary items is perfectly possible now.