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#1 - 2018/02/02 01:21:00 PM

I have a question regarding allied races. To get the heritage armour set it states that you have to level up the character and cannot use boosts.

What about race changing characters that haven't hit cap yet? Ie lvl 90 character, you race change it to one of the new races, would you get the heritage armour when you cap the character?

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#7 - 2018/02/03 12:46:00 PM
Hey all,

As the question may come up again, I figured I'd leave a link to our Support Page on the topic here as well.

And to answer a possible follow-up question at the same time: you can unlock the Heritage Armor with a brand new Allied Race character, then race change or boost another one of your characters (say, your main) and then still use the Heritage Armor on your main still (source). :)

Have fun leveling and playing those new Allied Races!