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#1 - 2014/03/02 04:02:00 PM

“We are planning on simplifying our currency structure,” lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas told PCGamesN.

In the current system, players running the latest raid bosses earn valor points, while those playing lower tier raids and dungeons earn justice points. Both can be exchanged for gear if raid bosses fail to drop the loot you’re after - but Blizzard believe they’ve become unnecessary.

“The traditional role of valor was to offer compensation for bad luck - and that goes all the way back to badges in Burning Crusade,” said Hazzikostas. “Where you’d go, ‘Okay, I’ve run this raid 15 times now and never seen a shoulder piece dropped - so I’ll take this currency and buy a shoulder piece for myself’.

“The bonus rolls system that we have these days actually goes a long way towards helping counteract that.”

Just quoted the main point I'm going to be talking about.

SERIOUSLY? Bonus rolls, the thing that does absolutely nothing to help bad luck 99% of the time, is your fall back? That's why you are going to strip currency down? PvP gets to keep their currency mainly because RNG won't fit there, fine I get that. You want to strip away my way to farm for gear, that's at a lesser iLvL mind you, just because you like letting the RNG control things.

The RNG is horrible. No, it's beyond horrible. It's what horrible looks at to be less bad. It's the bane of every raider's existence simply because the WoW's RNG SUCKS. It blows chunks. It is horribly designed and is a time sink to the extreme. It is what causes people to head desk after weeks upon weeks of farming and still not receiving an upgrade. You gave us bonus rolls BECAUSE you know how crappy the RNG is and yet you still used the SAME RNG system for them so it's STILL a horrible thing and doesn't payout.

I get most of the changes you are making. I get the need for some of them because it's just useless most times. "I'm going to go reforge to hit that one % in hit, and if I don't hit it exactly I'm going to go reforge again, and again, and again until I do." Got it, waste of gold and time to keep having to do that even with other websites. But this? This change is beyond stupid.

Unless you're planning to revamp crafting beyond the pitiful excuse it is now into what it should have been from the start then this change is more of a detriment to PvE play then any before. Unless I can invest resources into Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leather Working, and the others to get decent gear to make up for the horrible nature of the RNG this will basically halt all efforts I make to play end game raid content anymore since it'll be pointless. And by decent I don't mean a pair of pants and a belt at the end. I mean a FULL set of gear. The crafting proff's should have been that way from the start. What kind of idiotic tailor goes, "hmm...I'm only going to learn to make really good pants and nothing else. Yep only pants for me!" Blacksmithing gets to make a full set of weapons. They aren't top of the class heroic quality but they get a FULL selection to make. Do that for every other crafting profession.

"But wait Ash," you might be thinking, "Won't garrison's have a way to send your followers out to run dungeon's and raids for gear for you?" Yes, with the same RNG system in place. You also will be funneling most gear you get INTO the followers so that they actually CAN do the dungeon's and raids and won't fail them. It's not going to help things at all. Even with the "random" drops from quest rewards it still won't make up for it.

Valor, and Justice to a lesser degree, is there to be the answer to RNG suckage. You've recognized the RNG sucks from day 1 and have continued to give us ways to counteract that. Why then, after knowing it and embracing it and giving us badges and points and everything else, are you going back to this setup knowing full well how bad it is?

If you're still going to follow through on this either,

1. Take them away and let me craft gear like you should have been letting me do from the start that almost every other MMO let's me do.

2. Take them away but alter the RNG so it sucks less. In this case completely redo how it rolls for rewards.

Don't change what's not broke simply because you feel it's time for a change. "If it's working why screw with it?" Yes it's a long rant that covers multiple topics but Blizzard has been dancing around these things for years and I'm tired of dealing with it. They want to change a huge number of things for WoD, make these few things part of it.

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#166 - 2014/03/03 04:30:00 PM
We're not quite ready yet to talk specifics, but the plan is not to just remove currencies, let bonus rolls stay as-is, and expect everything will work out fine. We're keenly aware of how gearing works in the game. I think the changes we have planned will assuage your fears once we are ready to lay it out.

(It's pretty cool. I think you'll like it.)

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#181 - 2014/03/03 05:00:00 PM
03/03/2014 08:51 AMPosted by Zelestra
Until you are ready to talk about it, its doing you guys a disservice talking about half of the big picture. You're causing more chaos than anything. Im a normal/heroic player and I don't get to hung up on gear (Im used to RNG from D&D days), but as you can see, a lot of people get confused and frustrated at it.

Many people enjoy being upset and arguing about ifs, ands, or buts (or in the case of character models, actual butts).

A quiet and content forum is a sad and wanting thing.

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#206 - 2014/03/03 06:11:00 PM
I guess we're gonna have to agree to disagree there.

When it comes to controversial changes, posting only the BAD half of the full picture just to get a (mostly negative) reaction is not the right way.

Want to get people talking? Post some of the stuff we can be HAPPY about. While we don't need to know everything all the time, getting only the bad side with none of the good doesn't do any favors to anyone either.

Well, actually, good news doesn't really create much interest, if you want to dissect it. But that's beside the point. We're obviously not intentionally releasing bad or angering information to try to get people riled up. That'd be silly. We do want to try to manage expectations. Letting people know far in advance that currencies are being streamlined gets that into people's brain meats early, and gives it time to sink in so that when they start seeing or playing that change it ideally isn't jarring and upsetting at that moment.

My point was that people discussing a change they have partial information about, debating the specifics, and questioning what it means, are not necessarily negatives. In cases where those are becoming destructive we'll generally try to provide some guidance to at least direct it back to a constructive conversation.

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#210 - 2014/03/03 06:22:00 PM
03/03/2014 10:14 AMPosted by Hydroponics
03/03/2014 10:11 AMPosted by Bashiok
good news doesn't really create much interest,

Guess all the news about model updates hasn't created much interest and no one ever posts threads when there is an announcement about the new skins.

Oh, definitely a lot of positive interest. You might also notice how the majority of conversation though is someone saying they don't like something, and others arguing with them over it. It's generally not capped thread after capped thread of love letters. :)