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#1 - 2018/01/19 11:26:00 AM
I am doing Ulduar 25 runs for a long time in hope of getting Mimiron's head
Since this week, I am not able to enter Ulduar 25, when I change legacy raid setting to 25, it still port me to 10man

No matter what I did like delete my addons, WTF, Cach etc....

Some people said Blizzard now change Ulduar to 10man only

I want to know
1. Is this rumor true?
2. If true does Mimiron Head drops in 10man? Coz it does not show in loot table now.


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#7 - 2018/01/19 02:30:00 PM
Hey guys,

As mentioned in this thread earlier, Ulduar now scales in difficulty based on the number of players in the group, the minimum being 10.

The loot tables have also been merged, Mimiron's Head not being an exception: