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#1 - 2018/01/17 06:27:00 AM
Remember that pet journal bug that was causing names to display all lowercase after using searching tool?
Now, it seems it has extended to a worse condition.
The names tend to disappear, either partially, or completely.

A sample:

Yellow dots show partially removed names. Red dots show these entirely cleared out. As you can see, I decided to disable addons to no avail.

What helps:
  • Avoiding to use search tool.
  • /reload.What else remember to do:
  • Backup your holy trinity (Cache, WTF, Interface). The WTF alone should do, but better safe than sorry. (Although the names are stored server-side, aren't they? – you need to prevent addons from interaction with duplicates etc.)
  • /reload UI each time you're gonna logout/leave the game, to avoid possible name loss
  • OR exit game by killing the process (caution: this prevents the game from saving ALL session changes, not just bad ones)Mini-Cataclysm indeed.

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    #5 - 2018/01/17 07:13:00 PM
    Hey Remte, thanks for the thorough investigation, excellent job!

    If you haven't already done so, would it be possible for you to forward these findings to our technical team using the in-game "Submit Bug" tool?

    For reference, this is the support page that describes the procedure in detail.

    Best of luck with your future Pet Battles!