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#1 - 2018/01/15 09:39:00 PM
Can you remember the 1st realm you made a char on ? do you still have that toon and is it on the same realm ?

I made my 1st char on Anachronos, because I liked the fact that it ended in Chronos, which is time-related.

I still have the toon too, it's this one but I moved her around a few times and changed faction as well.

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#73 - 2018/01/16 03:01:00 PM
My first realm is currently sitting in a display box in my office at home, I was incredibly lucky during the charity auction a few years back and managed to get my hands on one of the server blades.
So now it doesn't matter where I play, I've always got that piece of my World of Warcraft history sitting right there next to me whenever I'm at home gaming.