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#1 - 2018/01/14 09:16:00 AM
This might be an old topic that is addressed many times but I like to do it once more so that others can also express their opinion and maybe blizz can do something about it...

Why is it that I cannot remove my bid of an item that I had place a bid on in AH, but a seller is able to remove his item just because he is not "happy" with the outcome of his sale, once a buyer has placed a low bid.

Yesterday I placed a bid on a Vigilance perch, which has been selling between 125 and 150k on the AH until yesterday when there was 1 of them for bid price 94k no buyout. I placed a bid on the 94k (very long).

This morning I checked AH and I had received my money back, also seeing the same player having reposted his Vigilance Perch but now for a price of 124k instead of the 94k.

Why is it possible that a seller can withdraw an item that has bids while buyers cannot withdraw bids?!?

This is also not the first time, that sellers are selling items with low bid prices and withdrawing the items just because they are not getting what they were expecting (a bidding war with high buy as result)

I would love blizzard to make some changes so that buyers and sellers are equal, either we both can withdraw (item/bid) or we both are forbidden to withdraw (item/bid) Note: forbidden to withdraw once the item has received a bid.

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#2 - 2018/01/16 01:24:00 PM
Hey there Khanji,

It may seem like being able to cancel an auction (by the seller) is an advantage over what a buyer can do (not cancel a bid), but there is actually quite a heavy fine for doing that.

Aside from losing the deposit of the auction, if the auction already has a bid on it the seller will still have to pay the usual Auction House cut (5%) when cancelling.
In other words, cancelling the auction you had placed a 94000 gold bid on will have cost them 4700 gold.

If you do have any ideas on how things could be changed or improved, then you can always summarize things and forward it to our Development Team as well via the in-game option. :)

Good luck with your auction business!