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#1 - 2017/12/30 08:59:00 AM
anyone got any insight in restoring old accounts?

like i have a vanila acc+bc and i stopped playing late bc... and all i have is my name on it and i remember my email that i put there.

i forgot everything else and albeit seeing the key pass in phisical form a few times i think it went in trash a long time ago.

so; what do they need to restore account and if merging or whatever, what do i lose and what do i gain.

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#6 - 2017/12/30 12:06:00 PM
Hey there Happymage,

My colleagues over on the CS forums wouldn't be able to directly help you with an account recovery, but one of my Game Master colleagues may be able to.

When contacting them just make sure to add as much info as you still remember about the account. Especially character names and servers can be a great help, but even the WoW account name (, old email addresses, any (nick) names you may have registered or any cd-keys/codes you used can come in handy. :)

Good luck!