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#1 - 2017/12/15 08:15:00 PM
Hello, I'm pretty new to WoW and i'm a little bit confused with professions. What professions are for and what profession do you recommend to me as a Paladin?

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#3 - 2017/12/23 04:35:00 PM
Hi Timriviel, and welcome!

Generally speaking a profession provides unique benefits that will make different aspects of the game easier, as Divandra pointed out, so a lot of it will depend on what you want to do - or how you play the game!

For example, with engineering you do have the benefit of the gadgets it provides along with the extra auction house without having to travel from dalaran!

Whatever you choose you can always change later - however since it can take a while to get everything, it's a good idea to do a bit of research before taking anything on!