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#1 - 2017/12/21 07:19:00 AM

Just did Antorus LFR for them ez artifact points and to chill out before work etc and it hit me during the high command fight...

Chief Engineer Ishkar is one of those socially awkward people who repeats what they just said like 3-4 times rather than asking if anyone heard what he said

Literally in the span of around 60 seconds he said it at least 5 times


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#16 - 2017/12/21 04:28:00 PM
There are some voice lines that as soon as you read them, you can hear them in that NPCs voice...
Good news everyone!
You face Jaraxxus!

21/12/2017 07:30Posted by Ofensor
"HEY! Listen.."
This is one of those lines...