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#1 - 2017/12/13 04:27:00 PM
It is far too ovetuned, there is nothing fun or hard about having to keep track of 3 different insta kill mechanics (arcane adds aoe cast, eyes knock off, infernal knock off) not to mention you have to make sure the stupid AI's don't get themselves killed from standing in the fire etc. DPS and Heal chanllenges are FAR, FAR easier than tank one, It's totally ridiculous.

Oh you made a 0.01% margin of error on one of the multiple mechanics? INSTA GIB FOR YOU, it also seems to be more about DPS than it does about actual tanking...

Whoever designed this and then approved it at Blizz need to take a serious long look at what actually makes something difficult and not total [email protected]#$.

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#8 - 2017/12/13 05:10:00 PM
Hello Necrius,

The challenges are indeed difficult by design.

I would suggest that you look up the strategies online, I personally have used the WoWhead guides to great success! :-)

I am certain that you'll manage to figure out the mechanics and you will be the proud owner of an amazing looking two-handed axe!

Good luck!