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#1 - 2017/12/07 09:04:00 AM
Oh no, not a thread talking about how bad level scaling is, I am actually excited for this... But there is a lot of bad things about level scaling that sorts of scares me out of wanting to level alts.

I copied my level 80 Shaman over to the PTR, enabled experiences gained and bought the 232 ilvl gear from a vendor in Nordrassil (Mount Hyjal), and well, found that the level scaling is actually going to make levelling feel a whole lot slower than what it has ever been before.

Health: The health on everything is quadrupled. Vertually something with 5k HP will now have 20k HP. And that is not all. What used to be "2 or 3 spells and everything is dead" is now a bit like a boss fight in a current dungeon (7.3.2 Dungeon Boss for either TBC/Wrath/Cata/MoP dungeons).

Damage Taken: The damage everything does is a lot more than what it is now. Even if you have full heirlooms, you will need to heal yourself after attacking what ever you was attacking. (Same thing as what it was with levelling in TBC/Wrath and maybe Classic. Side Note: Uncertain what the levelling experience was like in Classic, never played it.) Now, I attacked 2 mobs in Mount Hyjal together, and even with my CC effects and some CD's, my health went from 23k right down to nearly death (if I didn't heal myself mid fight).

Damage Dealt: And last but not least, the damage you do has not been buffed, or has not been nerf. Basically, it means, it takes longer to kill something, before moving onto the next.

TL;DR it is now going to take even longer to level from 1-110/120 in BfA than what it has ever been. And even with full heirlooms, you don't get increased damage. Full Heirlooms or not.

My own feedback?
Honestly, I am not opposed to the idea of level scaling, actually, I am more of in for that. But my problem is, the damage that mobs do does get hard, and well, feels like a punishment more than a reward.

I'll put it this way, I have been playing since TBC. After my original account was caught out with buying gold online back in Wrath, I created about a total of 5 other WoW accounts between the end of Wrath and MoP, and after leveling through everything so many times, I just want to rush my alts to end game content. Ok yes, Level Boost is always an option, but I do have a family to support, and only time when I do spend money on WoW is either for a WoW Token, Character Transfer or Game Time. A Boost is an occasional thing if I can get when I can really afford.

And on top of that, some classes are really just way too under tuned at low levels to even do the damage. For example, I copied my level 80 Shammy Over to the PTR, and tested out the level scaling in Mount Hyjal. Not only I was almost dead with 2 mobs attacking me, it took me quite a fair bit to bring them down too, even with my CD's.

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#201 - 2017/12/08 08:00:00 PM
Hey guys! Love seeing the overall responses that we're getting about the current 7.3.5 PTR build in regards to the new level scaling we've introduced. However please try to keep this feedback in the PTR forums so the developers actively working on this have an easier time seeing it and tracking it to make changes if needed.

Moving this one to the PTR forums :)