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#1 - 2017/12/08 03:40:00 PM
BfA (or at least 7.3.5) is adding scaling world and world quests. But the classic world is sorely lacking in what I view as enjoyable content. I didnt find another thread suggesting this recently.

This is my suggestion, inspired by both World Quests and recent anniversary event

Timewalking World Quests

Infinite Dragonflight are targetting you <class>. The deeds and adventures you have carried out over the years have shaped Azeroth into what it is today. You need to reinforce the timeways so the flights efforts to impeed your past self are not sucessful.

Travel back to memorable questlines, such as Gnomebliteration (Uldum) to earn Timewarped Badge. Completing <number> quests memorable to each expansion will result in new quest to defeat a World Boss from that Era.

New Vendor Rewards : BoA LFR Armour Set 1000 Badges / Weapon Cache 1500 Badges

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#2 - 2017/12/08 03:49:00 PM
It's always pretty awesome to see suggestions for improvements, and Feedback is super important. :D It's definitely worth doing so on the forums, but the very best way is to provide feedback in game, with the built-in tool.

You can submit your suggestions by pressing ESC on the keyboard, and then selecting help, and then Submit Suggestion, giving them all the details they need. And that's it! It's designed to be easier for you to do, and will go straight to the Developers. :)