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#1 - 2017/12/02 01:19:00 PM
Just wondering what I may have done wrong?
World quests for my other professions show but never have I seen a fishing world quest on the map.
I went into legion on 700 fishing. Only recently maxed out after stopping around 750 early days. (also acquired the artifact only around a week ago - not sure this affects anything)

Any idea why I have never seen a world quest pop? Is there a pre req I am possibly missing?
Thanks for any help!

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#2 - 2017/12/02 02:53:00 PM
Hey Krystallia,

The only profession World Quest restriction should be skill-related. Profession quests (not just for Fishing but in general) won't show up until a profession has been leveled to 100 at least, so that won't be the issue here.

It can however occasionally happen that World Quests are very close to one another and overlap. It can somewhat hide certain World Quests.

Another possibility is that you changed some filters in the World Quest search on your World Map. You can tick/untick both Primary and Secondary profession World Quests there. :)

At the moment there doesn't seem to be any Fishing World Quests active though, so you may have to do some more testing when that is the case. The WoWhead World Quest map can help to keep an eye out for one.

Good luck on the Fishing trips! ^^