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#1 - 2017/11/27 04:58:00 AM
If you knew that WoW was ending the next day, what would you do on your final day ?

I'd get one last flag cap in Twin Peaks and Warsong Gulch (and video them both) then park all my chars next to Sylv (including my Alliance rogue) (this one being the last to park ofc) and then just log out.

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#71 - 2017/11/29 05:00:00 PM
Besides the inevitable dance party going on in one of the major cities, I'd probably do a flying tour of all my favorite spots, music turned up, headphones on and just remember all the amazing experiences I've had.

Many many screenshots would be taken along the way, I'd end up with a massive album of widescreen captures of all the zones and a bunch of selfies :)

And then I'd find somewhere to sit with a good view and just chill.