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#1 - 2017/11/24 07:33:00 PM
TLDR: NO QoL, No CHANGES to vanilla. Read carefully to the end before your emotions cloud your judgement, if you're under the influence of a drug-like addiction, please ignore this post, this will be evident in your response, and you will be ignored.

1- release original vanilla as it was including game breaking bugs and technical issues.
2- let them get used to it for a while.
3- add modern graphics as an option without telling them, they won't notice it anyway.
4- make an external addon for every QoL that is possible as an addon and not a built-in option, they will not be able to whine and complain about it since it is not Blizzard changing the game directly.
5- after a few months, add vanilla related achievements to BfA without altering vanilla in any way, just like how you would get an achievement in WoW for winning 5 rated games in Hearthstone and getting a mount for it in retail WoW.
6- you just made everyone happy by giving everyone a reason to play classic wow and at the same time promoted retail for those who like to play both.
7- release TBC with an option for one free copy of a lvl 60 toon from classic and make players pay to copy other toons, like giving us a free boost with new expansions, but for any other toons you wanna boost, you gotta pay. Also offer option for a free lvl 60 boost on a new toon, but then you won't be able to get a free character copy from classic if you use it.
8- same as 7 but with WotLK and other expansions up to retail, with an updated graphics option.

PS: I am a purist too, just not a crazy mindless drugged emotional illogical POS.

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#19 - 2017/11/25 11:23:00 AM
Unfortunately this discussion has gone way off the rails, and the thread thus ends here. Please feel free to create a new thread if you want to discuss your ideas about the topic in a civilized (and mutually respectful) fashion.