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#1 - 2017/11/22 12:47:00 AM
Ok, so from what I remember, these were their racial spells:


Dwarf - Fear Ward obviously, it was the reason to play a dwarf priest. Also Desperate Prayer, an instant selfheal which was great for levelling and in PvP.

Human - Desperate Prayer and some pretty weird selfbuff called Feedback I think. It gave you small amount of mana if you were attacked? Or something like that?

Night Elf - Starshards, an arcane damage spell and Elune's Grace, which buffed ranged defense I think?


Forsaken - Devouring Plague was pretty good for Shadow Priests, they also had some weak curse that decreased melee attack?

Troll - No idea what they had.

Kinda sad Draenei won't be in Classic. Draenei Priest had the best racial spells, Symbol of Hope and Fear Ward were both great, easily the best choice for me :)

Anyway, what would you say the best Priest race was in vanilla? For the Horde and for the Alliance?

Tbh, I probably like Night Elf the most out of them, but from what I remember, their racial spells were the worst... how big of a deal was it anyway? Was Fear Ward so great that Dwarf Priest would lead to auto-invite?

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#23 - 2017/11/23 02:16:00 PM
I gotta to say that Dwarves and Undead, are the most appealing races to me when deciding to create a Priest! Not sure as to why though, they just "feel" right for me. :-D