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#1 - 2017/11/19 04:59:00 PM
These people just want to role play a vanilla or tbc wow player, they are putting artificial restrictions on themselves to achieve a different kind of playing experience. They have just as much right to RP on moonguard as anyone else.

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#117 - 2017/11/20 09:41:00 PM
I posted this on the subreddit but I felt it would be good to mirror here for you guys since we've seen a few threads pop up about this.

"Sorry guys for not catching this a bit sooner but I did want to reply to this.
Since it hasn't been stated recently that I can find anywhere I just wanted to reassure you guys that the usual rules as well as the subset of rules for RP servers still applies. So if you're being harassed by players or seeing players with non RP names that are clearly ridiculous, please report them. We rely on player reports so as long as you are reporting these players our lovely Game Masters can investigate. :)
While I love seeing the passion and influx that Project 60 has brought on and sparked into the community, its important to be respectful of players on these RP servers who are there because it is their place to have an RP focused community (hence the subset of RP server rules and server designation)."

I want to add an additional clarification that the naming rule is really the only thing that is separate from RP to other servers, and the rules on harassment are universal regardless of server type.

The blame is not on the Project 60 community itself and most of the people running it have not endorsed any harassment and have been encouraging the opposite. I would attribute any sort of harassment/negative behavior to be an outlier and someone that would probably be doing it anyway even if it wasn't for the Project 60 influx. If you encounter this please just report it so our Game Masters can look into it.