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#1 - 2017/11/09 08:24:00 PM
WoW player returning to the game after (many) years. I've installed Legion and have a free lvl 100 boost to use. Question is, should I use it on one of my old characters (lvls 30-50) or roll a new character to really try it out? Any help or advice welcome.

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#7 - 2017/11/13 12:17:00 PM
When the time comes that you think you want to boost (if you ever do), you have a Level 100 Trial. [...] Do not just pick a character and blow the boost. Use the trial to 100, and then play on that level 100 until you are SURE that you want to continue.

Couldn't agree more! The Class Trial feature was created with the specific purpose of allowing players to try out new combinations of races and classes, and find out the one that best suits their taste and playstyle.

In order to start the Trial, click on the ‘Create New Character’ button in the character selection screen and select the ‘Class Trial’ option in the top area.

Additional information can be found on this page and on Wowhead.