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#1 - 2017/11/11 08:29:00 PM

I can see lots of people talking about the multiple characters they will play. But In my memory, few people actually had the time to have more than one character at max level during Vanilla.

With my mage (and yes mage so tps and portals), between instances for stuff and farm for comps, I really did not have much time for a secondary character. as well, because my gnome mage was my first character, I was much more attached to her and quite loath to play another one. It was not before BC and my guild really needing healers that I managed to level a paldin.

So what was your experience with alts at the time?

and, as always, do not forget to loot the hounds in MC so we can skin them. :p

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#27 - 2017/11/12 01:15:00 PM
By the time the Burning Crusade was released I was playing 4 classes at level 60, two of which on both factions.

I also had no life.