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#1 - 2017/11/06 01:28:00 AM
Katherine Proudmoore: Jaina? All these years and you've never even called?

Jaina: Oh, hi mom, I was, uhm, busy...

Katherine Proudmoore: And where are those grandkids you promised me? Really now, I expected to be a grandmother at this point!

Jaina: Well, that's kinda complicated...

Katherine Proudmoore: Seriously, first you dated Arthas, then there was that Kael'thas, after those two went insane, it seemed like a lost case, until you met that Thrall...

Jaina: We were just friends!

Katherine Proudmoore: ...but no, he got married and you were left behind, unwanted. Jaina, do you have troubles maintaining relationships? Maybe we can talk about it, you know, when your father and I were younger-

Jaina: Mom, it's ok, I have a boyfriend, he's a Blue Dragon!

Katherine Proudmoore: A dragon now? Really? What next, a kobold? Sweetie, you can't have a meaningful relationship with a dragon, we have laws against this sort of thing. There's plenty of handsome Kul Tiras men around, I could introduce you-

Jaina: Listen, mom-

Katherine Proudmoore: Maybe we could even set up a double date! You know, after your father's death, I've been feeling kinda lonely-

Jaina: *Groans* Mom!

Katherine Proudmoore: And what's with that stupid haircut anyway? By the light, you look just like when you were 16, you know, back when you were going through that silly goth phase-


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#13 - 2017/11/06 05:03:00 PM
This was a fantastic read! Thanks for the chuckles!