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#1 - 2017/11/03 08:23:00 PM
Just thought i'd make a list for the people who cannot/arent watching right now! I'll try to keep it updated, I'll probably miss things here and there so forgive me!


Kul Tiras: Three main territories.
  • Tiragarde Sound: Main Capital of Kul Tiras, led by Katherine Proudmoore, Jaina's mother.
  • Drustvar: led by Lord and Lady Waycrest, Supplies arms to Kul Tiras. The land is cursed.
  • Stormsong Valley: Northern region of Kul Tiras. ruled by house Stormsong and provides ships to Kul TirasHorde
    Zandalar: Three main territories
  • Zuldazar: Main capital of the Zandalari, Ruled by King Rastakhan and Princess Talanji.
  • Nazmir: A festering swampland, learn about titan secrets, inhabited by Blood Trolls.
  • Desert of Vol'Dun: Old god legions attacked this place many years ago.Characters:
    Just like in Legion, we'll now follow main characters and their stories.
    For this expansion we will continue to follow Anduin and Sylvanas, We're going to figure out (hopefully) where Jaina is. And what happened to Thrall.
    Also we'll explore Vol'Jin's story.

    Zone flow:
    6 New zones in 2 continents. Before you hit level 120. You are in your own faction's continent. Scaling will carry over, so you can still decide where you start to level. World quest and emissaries unlock when you hit 120. A story line will lead you to the other continent.

    Allied races: Unlock them through custom quests, they bring new racials and varied customization. They start at level 20. If you level it to 120 you get custom heritage armor that you can use for every class.
    At launch there will be 6 allied races.

    You'll unlock the new races by progressing through the Battle for Azeroth zones and winning them over to your side.

    Once you unlock them, like I said they will start at level 20. Race changes will also be available[

    if you level
    an allied race from 20 to level 110, you unlock a set of Heritage armor specific to the sub race.

  • Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Zandalari Trolls.Alliance:
  • Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwars.More will be added later in the expansion..

    We will face Queen Azshara later on in the Expansion.

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    #8 - 2017/11/03 08:47:00 PM
    Nice summary work there, Sheéle, thank you! :D