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#1 - 2017/11/01 08:44:00 PM
I've been playing WOW for forever, and I love Blizzard!

Blizzcon tickets were a very incredible, thoughtful birthday gift, and the excitement has been squashed.

Instead now I'm anxious.

I'm a somewhat high strung person to begin with, and now with everything going on, (Las Vegas shootings, New York terror attacks etc) I feel really uneasy about going to such a large convention.

NYC Comiccon detailed several heightened security measures this year to assuage some fears, but I haven't really heard anything from Blizzard.

I know it sounds corny but with all this stuff happening I feel really anxious about large groups of people coming together now, and it kills me because I *should* be overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, I get to go to Blizzcon!

But all this lunacy going on really, unfortunately, is going to rain on my Blizzard parade.

IDK maybe once I'll get there I'll feel better, but right now I just feel anxious.

Am I the only one with these dumb feelings?

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#19 - 2017/11/01 09:31:00 PM
Its worth a note - our security presence, with the assistance of the Anaheim Police Department, is higher than ever. We don't go into detail on these, for what I believe is so people can't easily be on the lookout to avoid them.

Like others said, the best thing to do personally is to be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, say something - on-site security and all Blizzard employees have been trained to respond to numerous security situations, and we will be able to take appropriate actions where needed.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the show Friday!

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#37 - 2017/11/01 10:54:00 PM
Gonna lock this down. OP has gotten some good replies and I think the point is across without the commentary.