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#1 - 2017/10/31 01:50:00 PM
Edit: I feel like I need to say that I am VERY well aware of how the transmog system work. What I need help with is fixing a bug of some sort.

For some odd reason I get this message: "you've collected this appearance, BUT NOT FROM THIS ITEM" on 2 of my characters (druid and hunter). On the rest of them no message will show unless I haven't learned the item at all.

Looks like this:

In this case I have the cloak on the picture's appearance, but from another source. Normally you will then get no message at all.

I have tried to disable ALL addons, delete both cache and WTF folders, but the message wont go away.
It's rather annoying as it's not reliable at all. For instance when on my druid (who can't use swords) I can hover over a sword in the dungeon journal and it says that I haven't collected the item, but when I log into my warrior, I DO have it learned.

Can anyone help me fix this?

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#4 - 2017/10/31 06:15:00 PM
Hey there.

This is generally toggled by an addon, and even after you disable those the settings stays changed. It's one of the settings in the API for the Wardrobe collection.
/console missingTransmogSourceInItemTooltips 0This will toggle it back off again, should help out :)