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#1 - 2017/10/25 03:54:00 PM
According to some people, there is this

who has a chance of spawning in Dalaran where you can buy the legendaries for gold, but has a low spawn chance, is this true or was it just for PTR? There is no PTR label on Wowhead and it was added in 7.2.5. Has anyone used this vendor?

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#5 - 2017/10/25 04:10:00 PM
A vendor who'll chuck out legendaries for mere coin... if only!

To shed some light on this topic, this NPC would be a leftover from either beta or PTR testing to let testers pick up and get testing on legendaries as needed. This NPC does not exist in the live game.

There have not been any huge changes to how to gain legendaries like this announced.

Helania - we did add in a new system just this week with the latest patch that allows a character who owns every single legendary item for their class, to still gain legendary drops when you get lucky to get one. The drops would be in the form on Bind-to-Account tokens, rather than an actual legendary equipment (since you own them all!) so they can mail them to an alt.
Those tokens are not from any "Vendor" source - they would just drop if you took part in enough content to get another "legendary drop" like normal - you'd just get the token instead of an item.

I hope this sheds some light on it! :)