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#1 - 2017/10/25 09:48:00 AM
I've been listening to a couple of Warcraft OST lately and it got me thinking, which music do you really enjoy in this game? It can be from any expansion.

I quite like the Mantid theme from MOP. Not often i go to Heart of Fear but always love hearing this when i do.

Another one of my favs is the music from the Kun-Lai summit. Words cannot describe this but it is beautiful

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#15 - 2017/10/25 11:35:00 AM
Warcraft - Nightsong
Note: Easily recognised, it's the song that plays in the Val'shara cinematic, one of the best songs in the franchise in my opinion.

Warcraft - Invincible

Naturally this song HAS to be mentioned, it's probably the best song in the Warcraft franchise, at least for me, simply because it envelopes the entire story of Arthas, his rise and fall, as well as his destruction of Lordaeron.

There is something magical about "Nightsong" and "Invincible" ;)