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#1 - 2017/10/20 02:15:00 PM
so I got this message earlier in the day from someone called: Blizzards

That person said: Hi I am a GM etc etc, something it seems like something that's not normal Is happening to your account etc etc and I'd have to visit or something if not my account would get suspended. And I'm pretty sure GM's not would have the PINK color and just randomly text me like that. So if you see someone send that to you it's scam! So watch out people!

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#6 - 2017/10/20 03:21:00 PM
These are indeed scams. A GM message will always have a blue BLIZZ icon before it. In most cases a GM will only message you in-game if you have an open ticket.

It's always worth being vigilant - if in doubt, check these support site articles:

If still in doubt, doubt hesitate to open a ticket up in-game for clarification.