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#1 - 2017/10/16 09:29:00 AM
Since vanilla, I have been playing on lowest settings. Lately i have FINALLY GOT my hands on a top notch computer And im amazed by some of the places ive traveled.
Acctually, the last couple of days, ive travelled all over to just look at the scenery.

Any places with a «wow»-factor i should check out?

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#13 - 2017/10/18 11:34:00 AM
Is there a more impressive sight than the embodiment of the Great Sundering itself?

Gaze upon the Maelstrom and behold!

(Also the Dark Portal, the Great Trees, the decrepit tower of Karazhan, Auchindoun and the Bone Wastes, the Frozen Throne, the Fields of Farahlon, and the jewel of the night elf empire Suramar).