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#1 - 2017/10/18 02:48:00 PM
I have been doing PvP for fun in Stormwind/Orgrimmar since TBC but for some reason now is impossible. Everyone has the PvP: Disabled
Is this a temporary change or permanent?
Was it a stealth fix/patch or is it because dalaran is a "safe haven" and people when use the teleport are auto PvP:Disabled?

Would apreciate some info on this because this used to be pretty much all my fun in the expansion :(

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#7 - 2017/10/18 04:28:00 PM
If you are PvP-flagged and relocate to friendly territory (such as once your main cities) - then you will remain flagged for 5 minutes during which you are still vulnerable.
This would mean that a person who is out in neutral territory ports to their city, they would be vulnerable after arriving if a sneaky sneaker was waiting for them.

If folks are porting into a city and are already un-flagged for PvP, it means they were already not-flagged - such as by being in Dalaran.

Most players in a major city are likely to not be PvP-enabled so they can safely use the auction house or relax, but the NPCs and faction leaders are always eager to pick a fight!