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#1 - 2015/08/27 04:53:00 PM
I read through the various comments on WoWHead regarding the "Been Waiting a Long Time for This" achievement, and have been attempting it with my BM hunter. I wanted to do it on 25-man first, and I have ICC set to heroic, unable to switch it to normal, so that just gives the Lich King a lot more health and makes it take a lot longer to nuke him down when I need to.

The addon I have told me when the 30 stacks popped up, so I attacked from the stairs, nuking everything in site to make sure Necrotic Plague did not jump back to me. Unfortunately, one of Arthas' shadow traps got me from the side, so I got knocked off the stairs to the left, failing.

What I need to know is: once an add gets to 30 stacks of Necrotic Plague, is it okay for my pet to kill all of the adds to get rid of NP entirely so I can nuke the Lich King down without worrying about a huge NP stack jumping to me?

I don't see this mentioned clearly in all of these WoWHead comments, so I wanted to bring it up here. The last thing I want is to kill the Lich King and not have the achievement pop, but I've taken about 10 deaths so far repeatedly botching this. I've gotten into a good pattern where I:

1) Start by positiong myself about 10 stairs up, and I put my pet on passive and stay where the LK begins.
2) Let everything attack me for awhile until I see about 12+ ghouls and 3-4 shambling horrors.
3) Send my pet in to attack the Lich King, so the LK puts the Necrotic Plague on me.
4) Wait until the NP drops off of me, wait until the shadow trap is off so it doesn't hit me after I activate feign death, then activate feign death when there's no NP on me and it's on the enemies.
5) Quickly send my pet over 20 yards from me, so NP bounces between only the enemies.
6) Stay in feign death so the LK doesn't throw the shadow traps on me, doesn't have new ghouls attack me first, or start a second necrotic plague (which I had happens to me repeatedly before).
7) Wait until an add has 30 stacks...

And that's where I'm at now, since my last attempt ended with me popping back up from feign death, my pet once again set to assist, and the LK putting a shadow trap on my SIDE so it knocked me off to the left, instead of keeping me on the staircase.

I just want to make sure it's safe to have the NP drop off completely once it surpasses 30 stacks, and a new NP being cast on me won't reset the achievement progress.

One of my recent attempts got to 45 stacks of NP before I downloaded the addon to track it, and when I went to nuke the LK the NP jumped to me and killed me in short order. That's why I want the NP to drop off completely before nuking the LK, but I want to make sure the achievement will still pop.

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