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#1 - 2017/09/27 11:08:00 PM
Blizz are you doing anything for ret to bring our only DPS spec from the bottom back to mid pack and are any issues being addressed PVP wise. Currently RETS and DKS, You definitely gave us the slow moving part, NOW WHERES THE POWERFUL and why are Rets still a free HK again.

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#14 - 2017/10/11 07:57:00 PM
Retribution Paladins are nowhere near the bottom, and, like others have pointed out, that data is misleading considering there are quite a few bosses that allow us to cleave.

Currently I still see that if I have more than one target I know Divine Storm overpowers Templar's Verdict and I'm free to cleave like a madman. Retribution Paladins shine on mobility/utility options and cleave which ToS is definitely a lot more friendly to us.

Of course I wouldn't object to buffs(who wouldn't) but I don't feel like we need them at the moment. This could change with our T21 set bonuses considering we'd be losing the T20 4 set that interacts so well with our talents and Crusade, however in the current state I think Ret Paladins are quite fine and pretty formidable among melee.

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#21 - 2017/10/11 08:31:00 PM
I can't say I agree with you here. Movement is quite punishing for Ret outside of Steed. Divine Steed off GCD would be amazing right now.

True, Divine Steed coming off GCD would be nice change. However, having the option to switch to Cavalier I feel fills that need for me when I do want the additional mobility. Cavalier plus our Blessings fills any need of mobility I've encountered this tier.

10/11/2017 01:12 PMPosted by Lodisa
With the T20 4p going away some buffs would be nice. The 4p even feels like it's made to be baseline since it makes the spec feel much more fluid. Spending that one extra GCD is annoying when you need aoe. I would like to see T21 changed though.

I agree here as well. I've become very used to the T20 four-piece and it feels very baseline to me at this point. It's going to take some getting used to for me moving away from it if that isn't changed to a baseline.

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#73 - 2017/10/13 05:36:00 PM
10/12/2017 08:30 AMPosted by Ahron
People generally see mobility as primarily gap closing and are not considering the ability to DPS on the move, which I think is what Ythisens is getting at.

This is generally what I'm talking about. Mobility and movement are not just gap closing, its the ability to get in, get out, and ignore, because if you can stand in an ability and not need to move through whatever means of negating it, then you're essentially eliminating the need to move at all.

Really that quote came out of me not wording it correctly so that's my fault. What I should have said was "Retribution Paladins have great mobility/utility options for movement."

10/11/2017 11:36 PMPosted by Nyc

This hurt to read. How do Blessings help mobility?

LUL maybe he thought pvp talents work in pve XD.

There have been a lot of encounters over the years that have mechanics that you can ignore due to Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Protection. I can't tell you how many times Freedom has saved me or a raid member during Mistress Sassz'ine alone this tier. Freedom and Blessing both are great utility options that Retribution can bring if they're needed especially if you have great reaction and raid awareness. There have been mechanics that you can actually eliminate by casting Blessing of Protection on someone the fraction of a second they're targeted before its applied if you're fast enough. If you're using these abilities in the right way they're considered mobility options in an encounter.

Also, so that everyone is still aware, I'm a Community Manager and its just my opinion on the state of the Retribution. You can totally disagree with my assessment and that's fine. Retribution is fun to me and has been ever since I picked it up after Wrath went live and I'll honestly play it regardless of the state.

I do still agree with some of the suggestions and opinions here but I don't personally think we need huge changes or overhauls, just little tweaks but overall we're fine.