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#1 - 2017/10/08 03:54:00 AM
Event scheduled at Blizzcon. (name was too long, had to shorten)

At least now we begin to understand why there has been such an overly powerful sense of female heroines and leadership this expansion, to the point Vol'jin needed to have a half-assed death.

It's great you're trying to have female equality and representation Blizzard....but it doesnt mean you need to all but delete male leadership presence for it to happen. This entire expansion..the Horde has been represented by Liadrin...a female bloodelf...just because the entire horde leadership is male and she is the highest ranking female you could find. Vol'jin needed to be killed..just to make way for the idea of 'the first female leader of the warring factions'.

You kind of dropped the ball on Tyrande though...but hey you tried.

The event described as:

For the Alliance! For the Horde! Join the voice actresses who bring some of the most formidable heroines of Azeroth to life (and undeath) for a discussion of their craft.

It feels as if it is going to just be a slideshow of the notable female characters of WoW as they discuss why they love them, their strengths, uniqueness and importance as individuals all for some PR show.

In conclusion: Loosen up a bit, you dont need to go to such extremes, feminists are not going to break your doors down. Equality means 'equality', not 'who gets the spotlight'.

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#318 - 2017/10/09 04:44:00 AM
While we're happy to see interest in the upcoming BlizzCon panels, this thread seems to have gotten a bit off-track, and has a bit too much animosity. Thank you to everyone who has contributed positively to the discussion.