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#1 - 2017/09/29 10:17:00 AM

Im new to the battle pet function in wow. I dont know anything at all about battle pets and how it works..

Could someone tell me what its for? Maybe a list on the benefit of starting battle pets, and a list on what is good to know about it. Or anything :).

Thanks, regards

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#4 - 2017/10/08 11:30:00 AM

Thank you Gráinne, for your helpful reply!

Just thought of chipping in some guides that I've used as well and are over to our pals in WoWhead!

Battle Pet Leveling Tips and Tricks

Pet Battles and You - A Trainer's Manual

Useful add-on's for becoming a Pro Pet Battler

I would like to clarify, we do not support addons, as they are made by the community. So if you encounter any issues with them, you should contact the author of the particular addon.

Take care and happy pet hunting!