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#1 - 2017/10/03 03:28:00 PM
Honestly, we should discuss how we feel about this blue post thing on the Arcane Sim Thread.

To be honest, I am extremely disapointed to be trolled by blizzard like this.

Countless threads have been posted here and on the class discussion forums with legitimate rotational, mechanical, and numbers feedback about Arcane mechanics, Quickening alternatives, need for new talents, need for scaling mastery.


Then finally near the last patch of the expansion we get a blue response on a thread that basically has nothing to do with any of the problems that Arcane has been trying to communicate with devs about?

Not only that, but if you read his post as if he were somebody else on the forums,
He literally takes the thread and completely derails it!!

The thread is about Arcane Sims and then he throws the fact that he plays Fire Mage in there and then basically discredits all of our work on our sims.

Is this a joke? This dev feelycraft stuff is ruining the game.

"Oh I think I have more hot streak production than my sim says"

Why did this dev even bother to post something so trivial on our forums when we've been dying for legitimate debate feedback on actual issues affection the Mage class.

The accuracy of our sim is a hobby but the balancing of our classes is a necessity.

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#21 - 2017/10/03 07:51:00 PM
10/03/2017 08:53 AMPosted by Arcanosaur
Regardless of what or who he is, the players have a certain kind of expectation when you see this post from MMO champ, makes it seem like a serious post, when in fact it's not.

And honestly, we don't need a community manager who wants to talk friendly with us, maybe some of you guys want that but I want someone who is going to actually discuss gameplay changes to Mage.

The blue text color is not used to identify role, but to identify that we are in fact Blizzard employees. You'll notice that different Blizzard employees have different titles on the forum that are accompanied next to their names.

You'll notice on the occasion that Watcher posts, his title is "Game Director", and for most other members of the development team, their title will be "Game Designer". So while the blue text is attention grabbing, all you have to do is read the name of the poster and the position and you'll know if they are a member of the development team or not.

While there are times to be serious not every post from us is going to be 100% professional and directly about some game issue. This has been the case of the entire time this game has had forums, so nothing has really changed there.

If you do want to discuss changes you'd like to see to specific classes or specs, the best place to put that is the Class Development forums. The individual Class forums are great for getting your fellow Mages opinions but is not really the place for making that voice heard on Arcane issues.