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#1 - 2017/09/27 05:01:00 PM
Thank you Blizzard for creating such an amazing bewildering,charming,funny and incredibly mesmerising world! I just got level 12 on my hunter and did most of Teldrassil quests!! Wow I just come to warriors terrace and there were so many Npcs and funny dwarves,wierd elves :D

Some creepy Ogre selling drinks, All that attention to details,Soundtrack, HUGE buildings,statues,some familiar creatures from Warcraft III. Perfect 3 hours of questing. I can even swim underwater and the scale of world.... I am speechless. All these little things add to immersion.

Darnassus is majestic , sooo many details. I love the voice emotes, this is crazy. I m so glad I started best MMO of all times and I haven't seen 0,01% :DD

I am so addicted. Night Elf story and lore... Wow just brilliant! <3

Its easy to navigate , no lag. No connection problems. Its exceeded all my expectations and It will only get more intriguing. I am very passionate when it comes to gaming and World of Azeroth might become the most Legendary experience so far.

I am not really sure why some people bash and hate this game,maybe I am so noob and everything is new to come, but I cannot find any complains even performance and support is top notch.

Indeed when I bought Anniversary edition in local gaming shop ~

You were meant for this world <3 and that copy waited for me. Was on 50% discount as well. It was meant to be.

Thanks Blizzard , you have a genius dev team. I am honest :D You made my afternoon!


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#69 - 2017/09/29 04:10:00 PM
I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying yourself so much, Vanyalove! :D It's a pleasure to have you on Azeroth and I'm sure you'll find so much to do as part of our community here! :D