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#1 - 2017/09/22 09:45:00 AM
Right let's get another one, I'll mention two of my past happenings from wotkl which I am not proud of now, but then again I was 13 year old non english speaking child.

1: rolling need as a hunter on an epic stamina ring, deadman's hand. I know I've seen people flaming me but didn't know why. Now this no more obtainable ring sits in my pouch as a reminder on old times.

2: I was bad at english and for almost each quest from here to there I'd go on some weird looking wow browser with dragonshaped head which name I forgotten. Anyways, deal is that I had some high level online friend I met and after two weeks this was a scenario:
- I was in booty bay
- take few quests I didn't understand, forgot to go on browser
- start seeing red/skull mobs
- call my high level friend
- " hey come see something" , I said.
- guy was near so he actually came
- I start pulling high level mobs, while he'd one shot them
- now, I thought this way I'd level faster but I didn't mention it to him
- so the guy is confused and asks " see what?" on which I didn't say anything
- we kill few more mobs
- never hear from him again

p.s , if the guy is still present and somehow on forums, I'm sorry

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#23 - 2017/09/22 12:24:00 PM
So I'll admit my first mistakes here! I started as a Night Elf (though I now play most races!) and almost immediately fell straight off Teldrassil to my death. And, not quite having twigged how Spirit Healers worked, died twice more trying to reach corpse to loot it, which was never a thing in World of Warcraft in the first place. :P

I may have gotten teased by friends for this. Rather a lot, in fact.