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#1 - 2017/09/16 09:48:00 AM
I was just whispered in game by a character named "Blizzardis" telling me I have to confirm that I am the owner of this account on a site that isn't otherwise my account will be suspended.

Now I've never heard of that site and I'm pretty sure I would've been asked to visit the actual website for that.

Just to be sure, I didn't go to that link yet, is it really Blizzard contacting me or a hacker?

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#17 - 2017/09/16 11:15:00 AM
As many others already mentioned, that is indeed a phishing attempt and not actually Blizzard contacting you.

The official website can be found here: and can be used to check the status of a (WoW) account at any time.

And if you have in fact visited the website, even if for only a moment, then do make sure to secure your computer. Better safe than sorry. :)