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#1 - 2017/09/10 03:46:00 PM
Where are they?

I've heard stories about this elusive glyph since I started playing again.

I've still yet to see it.

I heard the recipe was released in 7.3.

But I still cant find the glyph or a person who can make it.

I'm a sad panda.

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#4 - 2017/09/15 10:14:00 PM
A note on this, as it may be the cause of the confusion here -

We had a bug in 7.3 that caused the Glyph of Ember Shards to be converted to Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards in the Inscription window. While we worked on a fix, we temporarily disabled Inquisitor Vethroz from dropping the new Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards recipe. We’ve now hotfixed the Glyph of Ember Shards back for people who had it in 7.2.5, and scribes can use the recipe dropped from Kil’jaeden again. We’ve also added Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards back as a drop from Inquisitor Vethroz when he next spawns.

Unfortunately we were not able to restore Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards to scribes who had it legitimately from the rare prior to us disabling the drop. However, all scribes should be able get it relatively quickly from Inquisitor Vethroz on Argus.

Thank you for your patience on this issue!