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#1 - 2017/09/07 09:11:00 PM
Hi! So I'm not happy with my scarf. So I'm making a thread about it.

I'm pretty new to WoW, started playing way after Legion's launch so I don't have a lot of knowledge about the game nor any good transmogs. The latter is the more important. I don't like not having beard so I got a scarf but it's a really ugly one that I don't want. Are there any good scarves easily obtainable that look like Zul'jin's or similar? I just want a normal, plain and simple scarf without any ornamentation and preferably the color of purple or green.
Basically any would do statwise, I just want to transmog my current headgear.

Alternatively, are there any transmog sets I could get without going on raids, mythic dungeons and the such?

Thanks for the help.

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#14 - 2017/09/08 11:52:00 AM
And if you cannot find any suitable headpiece, then you can also always disable the helm from showing completely. It's personally my favourite helm transmog. ^^