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#1 - 2017/09/06 01:37:00 PM
Are Greater invasion points daily/weekly ? I entered 1 greater invasion point today when Illidan gave me the quest for the first time, after that i managed to collect 15x more [Argus Waystone] and when i returned the quest to Illidan again it gave me only 200x [Veiled Argunite]. Now i don't have another quest nor a greater invasion point, so did i just waste 15x [Argus Waystone] or it got bugged and i should report it ?

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#4 - 2017/09/06 01:55:00 PM
In theory you may enter the Greater Invasion Point more than once a week.
Yet you will still get a loot this way only once a week.
So while you may help your friends once you are done, it won't give you more rewards from the boss, same week.

Some more info about it here.

You can also check the WoWhead or Icy Veins guides about it.