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#1 - 2017/08/18 03:21:00 PM
Hey guys. I have really wierd problem. Leveled my alt till 110,got all 3 artifact weapons,did all available quests in my class hall. After all that I still havent unlocked my third relic for my alt.
Please check pictures.

1. These are all quests I have on my alt atm,if im correct,none of these quests have something to do with artifact third relic -

2. These are all available quests in Dalaran - (those 2 are proffession)

3. These are all available quests from Khadgar -
(If im correct none of these 2 quests have something to do with third relic.

4. And last one,my available followers,as you see I have almost none on this alt -

PS Please help with advice,dunno what to do.
Alt - Disc.

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#7 - 2017/08/18 04:45:00 PM
So, there's a few useful profilers and quest trackers out there which will let you look up which quests you have done, and which you have yet to do, such as WoWHead's one here:

I find them pretty handy if I get off track or miss one of the Order Hall quests on my characters! Also, Shumensko's suggestion might well be a good one, it's worth checking your map of that zone and seeing if there's any quests marked there. :)