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#1 - 2017/08/16 03:22:00 PM
Hi all,

I saw this done on another forum and it worked out pretty well, just for a bit of fun and to get to know one another better :D

Basically all you have to do is answer the question above you in your post, and at the end of your answer - post another question! But let's keep it clean now!

I'll start --

What was your first roll on WoW and why?

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#23 - 2017/08/17 03:30:00 PM
17/08/2017 11:44Posted by Galander
What's your favorite weapon in WoW?
That's a good one.
Lore wise for me it's got to be Frostmourne.

Ingame, well that get's much tougher to answer as there are so many, but whenever I see any of the weapons from Karazhan it brings back good memories for me :)

My question:
What's your favorite zone to just unwind in and why? Is it the scenery, the music etc?

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#97 - 2017/08/24 03:58:00 PM
24/08/2017 16:13Posted by Tahra

Who is your favorite ingame NPC and why?
I'm going to cheat here and name two:
Ahab Wheathoof and Crusader Bridenbrad.

Both of these were created for very special reasons and knowing these stories holds a very dear place in my heart.
Writing this is bringing all the feels...

Ok ok my question for the next person:
If there was one thing in World of Warcraft that you'd like to take outside into the real world, what would it be? Can be an item, an ability, a mount, you name it.

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#128 - 2017/09/04 01:18:00 PM
04/09/2017 13:51Posted by Lëwis
Have you ever RP'd on WoW? Would you recommend it?
Of course! I grew up with role playing games, pen and paper, boardgames and then video games where part of the enjoyment was really being that character.

Guess it's my turn again (and forgive me if this was already asked):
If you could pick one dungeon to run for the first time, as if you'd never seen it before, which would you pick?