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#1 - 2017/07/25 10:21:00 AM
What were the dumbest things you did as a WoW noob?

I walked from Stormwind to Ironforge because I didn't know there was a tram XD

Did a few other stupid things too...

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#134 - 2017/08/10 10:37:00 AM
I think I've told this story before, but I'll tell it again for old times sake!

A friend gave me one of the kittens from the vendor in Elwynn Forest. I summoned my new furball companion and went about slaying some Defias goons and Kobolds. After a while I thought to myself "wow gee these pets sure take a long time to level-up, it's still level 1 and I've leveled twice now - and it's not attacking anything."

Asked my friend about it, they explained to me that only Hunters could have animals as combat pets.

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#186 - 2017/08/19 08:50:00 AM
I remember checking back on a few old characters that I hadn't played for a while and stumbled across my first ever character, a hunter.
Then I checked their gear - +spirit and +healing cloth.

I think I thought at the time that it would help with pet healing or something. I realized I've learned a lot since then!