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#1 - 2017/08/09 12:06:00 PM
Following the Blizzard blue post about the Netherlight Crucible, this system is going to an absolute nightmare for raiders who use group loot/masterloot.

This is how the system currently works:
    * The first tier of Crucible traits increases the item level of your artifact.
    * The second row unlocks at Artifact level 60, 63, and 66. You can choose between a randomly-generated Light and Shadow ability. There are no ranks to these abilities, although the early in-game UI showed ranks.
    * The third row unlocks at Artifact level 69, 72, and 75. You can choose between one of three randomly-generated minor traits for your artifact. You'll have to pick a minor trait that connects to your second row trait. So if you pick the left Tier 2 trait, you can only pick the connected left or middle Tier 3 trait, not the right Tier 3 trait.
    * The minor traits cannot double up with the usual trait on your relic.
    * The second and third row ability options are randomly chosen at the time of socketing, or previewing, your relic.

Let's say you get a Holy relic drop in the new raid. Your Holy paladin, holy priest and ret paladin all want the item for an upgrade.

Because the second and third row traits are generated RANDOMLY (common theme in Legion) and there's no way of telling who will get which traits, you cannot make a calculated decision on who gets the biggest upgrade out of it. For example, one of the second row traits grants a big chunk of avoidance and reducing AoE damage taken during progression is insanely good.

You'd have to have person A preview the relic back at the crucible and take notes of which traits it rolled for him. Then person A trades the relic to person B who does the same thing and finally person C also previews the relic. This is a gigantic waste of time. Not to mention previewing a relic might even cause it to become soulbound, which makes the whole thing even more dreadful if you roll bad traits.

There needs to be a system that lets you preview relics while you're still inside the raid distributing loot.

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#5 - 2017/08/09 01:59:00 PM
Thanks for the feedback, for ease of reference please keep any discussion to the main thread: