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#1 - 2017/08/07 10:20:00 PM
Blizzard Ingame Punishment:
Queue'ing up for a timewalking dungeon as a tank. Healer decides to dps instead of healing and so the tank (me) keeps dying. The group kicks the tank and the tank generates a Deserter debuff. Willingly to accept this faith i want to start some quests cause i got loads of them because i leveled up to 110 a moment ago.

Now the deserter suddenly seems to get worse, i cannot only do dungeons for half an hour. No, i cannot do the quests like the assault on the Broken Shore, or go down to Exodar with the vessel that i found in Suramar.

Other people that issued the exact same:
(only first page didnt need to look further)

I also know stories from people getting kicked during a dungeon while they are leveling. Stories like : "i was the only one not wearing heirloom" or "i was here for the first time and went the wrong way twice".

This whole punishment system, i understand the purpose. for kicking trollers that are constantly ninja pulling or for them who joined in but went afk rather then following the group.

But this whole system is being used for injustice 5 times more then for its real cause and it only boosts the confidence for the wrong people to continue their bad behaviour.

yes, i am pissed cause i was in this situation the victim that now had to wast half an hour for this lazy druid that queue up as a healer but played as a dps.

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#10 - 2017/08/09 09:38:00 AM
08/08/2017 07:45Posted by Trovlak
I agree, that it should NOT apply to single person scenarios, but it does. Blizzard are unlikely to change this anytime soon, if ever at all too. With its current mechanic, it really is a punishment, rather than just stopping you abusing a system.

Thanks for highlighting this, it's not intended that the Deserter debuff prevents you from doing solo scenarios. We're currently investigating this.

Can you provide some more details about which solo scenarios you weren't able to enter while you had the debuff?